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Tim Button is the Client Attraction Strategist

Tim Button
Client Attraction Strategist


Buttons Creative was created with the purpose of helping small businesses to benefit from new opportunities promised by this internet. Back then many creative agencies were unsure of the internet and what it could mean for their bottomline.

We understood the changing in mediums would be as revolutionary as television and heralded a new dawn where all small businesses could have the same reach to their prospects as big brands.

Located in Melbourne and The Gold Coast, Buttons Creative is an expanding brand and marketing agency that is driven by our purpose to help Entrepreneurs and Business Owners and fuelled by our passion for fresh ideas and clear communication.

We deliver effective and targeted brand and marketing services that are aligned with your business goals, to attract prospects and clients through clarity of your brand foundations and understanding who your audience are. Using a mixture of human understanding, smart technology, marketing strategy, and creative design, we reach your audience and maximise the return on your marketing investment. We are committed to assist you with a process to create and grow a compelling brand.

We listen carefully to your objectives and concerns. Understanding your current situation, aspirations, and possible constraints, we provide answers to your questions about how to begin and lead you through the overwhelm to a place of confidence.

Partnering with Buttons Creative will open a full suite of creative services to benefit your business including, Brand Foundations, Marketing Strategy, Graphic Design, Copywriting, Photography, Video Production, Website Design & Development and advertising.We are all committed to the love of our craft and solving problems but above all we love working with people to connect them with other like minded people to make the world a happier place.